Karate Mountainside NJ

If you are looking for karate or martial arts training in Mountainside, NJ check out Martial Arts for Life.

If you live in Mountainside NJ and you are looking for martial arts and karate training check out Martial Arts for Life. Owned and operated by long-time Mountainside residents, we are proud to offer training for kids and adults at our academy. Conveniently located in New Providence, NJ we are easily accessible from Mountainside, NJ.

Martial Arts for Life is a family-oriented martial arts school. We teach children and their parents to be safer and healthier-one family at a time.

At Martial Arts for Life:

We teach why good nutrition is important and we encourage our students to eat a healthy diet. We teach our students that martial arts is a lifestyle and part of that lifestyle is being a martial arts athlete who eats healthfully and respects his or her body.

We lead our students through dynamic self defense workouts that improve physical conditioning. Each class provides cutting edge principles designed to develop our students into capable and fit martial arts athletes.

We build confidence in our students so they can stand up and say, “no” to negative peer pressure. We provide training that creates an achievement-oriented culture and a positive peer group for children to participate in at Karate Mountainside NJ.

We teach confidence and self-defense so our students don’t have to be afraid of bullies. Over the past two decades we have developed a proven system that systematically teaches confidence and develops a high self-concept for youngsters. We further educate all of our students on how to effectively deal with bullying through the Martial Artists Against Bullying curriculum.

We inspire our students to become enthusiastic and motivated in school. We have a structured school success program that tracks and rewards academic progress. We also sharing best practices for students as part of our “Success Course for A+ Grades.”

Martial Arts for Life – 1260 Springfield Ave, New Providence NJ – 908.464.2836


Karate Mountainside NJ