The Ultimate Way To Build Confidence, Self-Esteem, Develop Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and Athletic Skills, While Having Lots of Fun!

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 Kids' Program at Martial Arts for Life

Our curriculum is a unique blend of martial arts styles and places strong emphasis on valuable life skills such as perseverance, focus and self-discipline. The result: As students learn highly effective self-defense techniques, they experience new levels of confidence and empowerment. 

"Martial Arts for Life is fantastic ...provide all of their students with a wonderful learning environment."

"Martial Arts for Life has become such an important part of our family. You will not find better instructors anywhere else and the camaraderie that is fostered in the classes is amazing."

"Our experience at MAFL has truly been amazing ...commands respect while also showing students respect and kindness."

"We couldn't be happier, because HE couldn't be happier. Kids' accomplishments both inside and outside of the dojo are celebrated...."

About our Martial Arts Program

Maximizing Each Student's Potential

To better understand all that our junior martial arts program offers, it is helpful to break down some of the program's values and benefits.


What Type of School is This? Martial Arts for Life is a student-centric school. Our focus is on providing a curriculum that provides the most value and benefits to the students. For example, functional and reality-based training is emphasized over the rote learning of pre-arranged patterns or techniques. Providing an age-appropriate curriculum is also stressed over teaching curriculum that was developed a century ago and was originally tailored to men in their athletic prime. We are not geared towards sport martial arts or tournament competition, but rather personal protection and self-improvement.

What is Age-specific Instruction? Based on over 25 years of teaching, plus some very focused research on children and learning, we discovered that children show development milestones based on specific age groups. These age groups, as they pertain to martial arts, are as follows: 4 to 6, 7 to 10, and 11 to 14. This was a big discovery as most martial arts schools still only divide their children into two age groups: 6 and under and 7 and up. By sub-dividing our ages into more specific groups (after they learn the basics), we avoid common challenges such as “roller coaster classes” where almost EVERY drill was “too hard” for the younger students yet “too easy” for the older students.

What Makes MAFL Unique? Martial Arts for Life is truly a family school. We are at the school every day teaching class and serving our students. Our child is on the mats training alongside your child. As fellow parents, we understand the unique challenges parents face when trying to raise a happy, well-adjusted child in this day and age. We are lifelong martial artists who love the art and want to share its many benefits with others. And we routinely seek out and train with some of the very best martial artists in the world so we can provide the most modern and effective methods to our students. Our methodology has been tested and developed over the past 25+ years of teaching professionally.

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Your child will participate in a proven, age-appropriate martial arts curriculum that has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding experience.


Martial Arts for Life is a full-time, professional facility. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, enjoyable experience for ALL of our students. Our proprietary children's curriculum has been designed with your child's safety in mind. In addition, we have a fully padded facility (which is cleaned daily).


Martial Arts techinques are, by nature, designed to injure others when applied. Because of this, our instructor team stresses the importance of respect, courtesy, and restraint. It has been proven time and time again that children who are skilled in martial arts tend to be extremely respectful, considerate, and composed.


Our program will increase your child's confidence for two specific reasons: First, every child participates and competes against against her own potential rather than against other students. Second, our program is built on the concept of setting your child up for success by giving her a series of realistic short-term goals that she can attain quickly while keeping her focused on exciting long-term goals. 

We are parents, just like you!
We have a highly-trained team of Black Belt Instructors!

The Martial Arts for Life "Ten Point Success System"

  • POSITIVE ROLE MODELS: The biggest asset of Martial Arts for Life? Easy. The instructors. What you will notice (and so will your child) is that we care about each student individually. We are totally committed to helping each child reach his or her potential. We are life-long Martial Artists who have a great love of helping others benefit from the Martial Arts.
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS: It's hard to feel good about yourself when you are out of shape physically or when your athletic skills have not been fully developed. Our belief is that regardless of how un-athletic a child may seem, there is an athlete inside all of us. When a student feels their physical skills skyrocket it's not long before their self-image will follow suit.
  •  A HIGH ENERGY, EXCITING ENVIRONMENT: Many kids have grown accustomed to virtual activities (computer and video games, television, etc.). Participating in an exciting, high energy environment, focused on on actual activity, will give your child a very real sense of achievement!
  • REGULAR INCENTIVES FOR EFFORT AND ACHIEVEMENT: The belt system of Martial Arts, regular positive feedback and recognition of accomplishment, and systemized incentives for improvement will lead your child into the "Yes, I Can!" attitude you've always wanted for him or her.
  • THE "MESSAGE OF THE WEEK"Regular exposure through our "Message of the Week," to systematic instruction, accompanied by exercises in the lessons of respect, discipline, focus, persistence, courage and confidence. Most of our Martial Arts for Life parents name this as their favorite part of the program!
  • PROVEN SYSTEM OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT: No fancy theories or hard to understand concepts here. Our instructors are experts in teaching the actual SKILLS of listening and focus. In fact, we'll be teaching these to your child the very first class.
  • A SERIES OF POSITVELY CONSTRUCTED CHALLENGES that will build your child's self-confidence and self-concept. You will be delighted as you see your children confidently move outside their comfort zone. As the weeks go by, you will smile with pride as your son or daughter moves from challenge to challenge, their confidence soaring with each new accomplishment.
  • AN ATMOSPHERE OF RESPECT: You will watch with satisfaction as your children learn to give respect and earn respect. Most importantly, they learn the essential lesson of Self-Respect.
  • ORDER AND STRUCTURE: Even though the atmosphere is friendly and supportive, Martial Arts training is not "play time." You will be delighted to see how your children develop focus and persistence in our orderly, structured environment.
  • A FRIENDSHIP BASED ENVIRONMENT: If you are expecting the old, harsh, authoritarian, military style Martial Arts training, you are going to be sadly disappointed. When you visit us, you will find a friendly, supportive environment. That atmosphere of friendship, support, and respect will give your child the support system he or she needs to succeed!

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Martial Arts for Life is located at 1260 Springfield Ave., New Providence, NJ (The Village Shopping Center). You can reach us at 908.464.2836.

The Village Shopping Center in New Providence is easily accessible for residents of Berkeley Heights NJ, Summit NJ, Chatham NJ, Mountainside NJ and all surrounding areas in Union County, NJ.

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